Trump Starts Selling “Let’s Go Brandon” Shirts

( If you needed more evidence that former President Donald Trump is seriously considering another shot at the presidency, then this is it. The official Trump campaign is now giving out “Let’s Go, Brandon!” tee shirts for anybody who donates $45 or more.

The phrase “Let’s Go, Brandon” is a meme that was born of a TV news reporter mishearing a “F*ck Joe Biden” chant and has since become the de-facto chant of the resistance. The ABC 4 reporter thought the crowd at a NASCAR race in Alabama were cheering on driver Brandon Brown.

In an email sent out to Trump supporters, the Trump campaign said that they have put “America’s favorite new phrase” on a tee shirt.

“That’s right. President Trump has just authorized the release of his brand-new, limited-edition ‘LET’S GO BRANDON’ shirts,” the latest email reads.

It goes on to tell readers that the shirt is already in high demand and low stock, encouraging people to donate, receive the shirt, and wear it out at concerts, football games, or just during a walk in the park.

The phrase “Let’s Go, Brandon!” is now more than just a meme. People know what it means and even Republican legislators and elected officials are using it.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott had some fun with the phrase recently, too, while complaining that President Joe Biden’s policies have driven massive inflation and hurt regular Americans.

Let’s Go Brandon, indeed!

But back to the original topic here…if the Trump campaign is selling shirts like these, it seems fairly likely that he’s looking to make a political comeback, doesn’t it?