Trump SLASHES Biden’s Lead In New CNN Poll, Puts HUGE Dampener on Dem Convention

( In the same week that the Democrats will host their convention and officially nominate Joe Biden as their presidential candidate, a new CNN poll shows that President Donald Trump has slashed Biden’s lead. The race suddenly got way more competitive, even in a CNN poll.

The poll, which was conducted by SSRS, was published on Sunday evening and shows Biden’s previous 14-point lead completely evaporated. It Gives Trump 46% of support among registered voters and Biden with 50%. This was exactly the same poll that gave him the 14-point lead in June.

President Trump just took ten points off Biden’s lead in the space of a month, and with the Shy Trump vote accounted for, gives Trump the momentum he needs to move forward with a successful re-election campaign.

The numbers look even worse for Biden when you analyze them on a state-by-state basis. Presidential elections aren’t won on a national vote but by the Electoral College. In battleground states, including New Mexico, Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and various other places, Biden is statistically tied with the president.

In the fifteen battleground states which help determine an Electoral College win, 48% said they would vote for Trump and 49% said they’d support Joe Biden. That’s well within the margin of error. Perhaps the only surprising thing about this poll is that Biden, somehow, has the exact same favorability rating (45%) as the president.

The margin of error in this poll was 3.7%, and as we saw in 2016, polls tend to lean against Donald Trump. Many consider it a result of oversampling of Democrat supporters, but it may also be a result of people being too afraid to admit to pollsters that they will vote for the president.

Riots and cancel culture will do that…

Polls in battleground states – the ones showing Biden and Trump statistically tied – had a higher margin of error of 5%.

The swing towards President Trump comes as the national economy improves significantly, and jobless numbers keep coming down. As the economy gets better, faith in the president appears to be returning. The poll shows Trump-skeptical Republican voters are turning away from Biden again and once again considering support for President Trump. In June, Joe Biden took 8% of right-leaning voters but now he only has 4%.

That is despite the best efforts of the Lincoln Project and anti-Trump “conservatives” like John Kasich who are publicly advocating for Joe Biden. Who wants to bet that’s going to backfire big time?