Trump Slams Obama Admin In Shocking Statement

( On Friday, in anticipation of President Biden’s upcoming face-to-face with Russian President Vladimir Putin, former President Donald Trump released a statement touting his “great and very productive” one-on-one meeting with Putin in Helsinki back in 2018. In his statement, Trump said the US “won much” at that meeting, including Putin and Russia’s respect.

He also attacked the “Fake News” for portraying the Helsinki meeting in a negative light in order to further what he calls the “Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax” Trump adds that the negative reporting in the lead-up to his meeting with Putin put the US at a disadvantage. A disadvantage, he adds, “that was nevertheless overcome by me.”

Trump then shifted gears and hammered the Obama-era intelligence people claiming that none of them could be trusted. Blasting them as “sleezebags” and “lowlifes,” Trump calls out James Comey, Andrew McCabe, “the two lovers” Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, as well as John Brennan and James Clapper.

In closing, Trump offers Biden good luck in his meeting with President Putin, adding, “don’t fall asleep during the meeting, and please give him my warmest regards!”

Biden is scheduled to meet with Putin on Wednesday, June 16 in Geneva Switzerland. But already there is growing concern that the President might not be up to the job.

In a press conference at NATO Monday evening which began over three hours late, CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny asked the President about his previous claim in a Good Morning America interview that Vladimir Putin is a “killer.”

Biden’s response, after a few seconds of stumbling and chuckling, was a long, long pause that lasted around ten seconds.

Perhaps President Trump had a point, and Biden just fell asleep. Whatever the case, Biden’s spaced out, confused behavior is not a good omen going into a meeting with Putin.

After forcing the more than one hundred reporters to wait three hours and twenty-five minutes for the somnambulant president, Biden, in the end, only fielded five questions.

In one, he attacked the Republican Party – clearly indifferent to the general rule of thumb that “politics ends at the water’s edge.”

In another question regarding Ukraine joining NATO, this president and primary beneficiary of Ukraine’s corruption, said that until Ukraine deals with its corruption, the “school’s out” on whether they can join NATO.