Trump Slams Democrat “Open War” On Law Enforcement Following Shooting Of Two LA Officers

( President Donald Trump reaffirmed his commitment to protecting American law enforcement officers on Sunday night at a rally in Henderson, Nevada. The president referenced the tragic shooting of two sheriff’s deputies in Los Angeles County on the same day, which saw both officers rushed to hospital where they received emergency surgery for gunshot wounds to their heads.

The president also used his opportunity to condemn the Democrats and far-left activists for their “open war” against law enforcement.

“As we begin tonight, our thoughts are with the two sheriff’s deputies in Los Angeles who are fighting for their lives when a vicious criminal walked up to their vehicle and shot them at point-blank range,” the president said. “We send our love and support to their families, and we pray to God for their recovery.”

Both officers are expected to survive and have left surgery, but a reward of $100K for information leading to the arrest of the suspect who committed the crime remains unclaimed.

During his speech, President Trump condemned Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for pushing a narrative that encourages people to target police officers. He recalled how Biden refused to condemn violence against officers previously, particularly after an officer in Las Vegas was shot in the head and left paralyzed as a result in June.

He also referenced the Democrats’ silence on the riots for many months until it got so bad that they shifted their strategy and began blaming Trump for the far-left riots instead.

“For the entire summer Joe Biden was silent as left-wing mobs assaulted police officers,” the president said. “When Biden’s far-left supporters set fire to police cars and precinct stations, courthouses, Joe Biden called them ‘peaceful protesters.’”

And he did.

President Trump said that Republicans “know that police officers are not villains but heroes that risk their lives to keep us safe.”

He also said that “Biden wants to appease domestic terrorists” and that his approach is to “arrest domestic terrorists.

“And we also believe that if you murder a police officer, you should receive the death penalty,” Trump added.

What do you think – will Biden end his anti-police rhetoric any time soon? Or do more police officers need to be killed before he even considers it?