Trump Skyrockets Ahead Of All Other Possible GOP Challengers

( Former President Donald Trump leads the field in a recent poll of contenders for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, with popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis coming in a distant second.

The Harvard CAPS/Harris poll showed how the former president is still the party’s pick for the next presidential nominee, and Trump seems to know it. Footage captured of the former president playing golf recently appears to show him claiming he will be the 47th president.

When the man filming the video said, “now on the tee, the 45th president of the United States,” Trump quipped back, “the 45th and the 47th.”

The poll put forward a hypothetical eight-person Republican primary and found that Trump has a clear edge over all other candidates, with 57% support. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was deadlocked with former Vice President Mike Pence at 12 percent and 11 percent. All other candidates on the list didn’t reach double digits.

The poll looked quite different when Trump was taken out of the picture, however. Should the former president choose not to run, Ron DeSantis appeared as the clear front runner, with 30% overall support. Mike Pence came in at 24%, and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas took 14% support.

A combination of the former president’s clear interest in running for the presidency for a third time, combined with continued enthusiasm for his America First agenda, means that the 2024 presidential primary is perhaps the most predictable in decades.

However, the rising popularity of former Governor Ron DeSantis could cause some bitterness in the run-up to the primary reason. The former president has recently made veiled shots at the Republican governor, criticizing “gutless” politicians for not telling the media whether or not they have taken the COVID-19 booster shot. Ron DeSantis refused to confirm whether or not he had taken the shot shortly before Trump made the comments.

What do you think – will Trump run, and win, all over again?