Trump Says We Should Send U.S. Planes Disguised As Chinese Planes To Bomb Moscow

( Last Saturday, former President Donald Trump spoke at an event for top GOP donors in New Orleans. And during his speech, Trump jokingly suggested that the US disguise fighter jets with Chinese flags and “bomb the sh*t out of Russia.”

Unsurprisingly, members of the American corporate media, that can’t recognize a joke if it slapped them in the face, were horrified by Trump’s suggestion.

After anti-Trump reporter, Josh Dawsey penned a breathless, “well-I-never” account of Trump’s Saturday speech in the Washington Post, the usual suspects in the media went into pearl-clutching mode and sputtered with indignant rage.

Newsweek went out of its way to offer a “fact-check” of why Trump’s tongue-in-cheek suggestion to disguise US jets with Chinese flags couldn’t possibly succeed.

The humorless outlet explained that it’s “unlikely” that putting Chinese flags on US fighter jets “would be enough to trick the Russians.” Newsweek explained that China and Russia have a close relationship. So close, Newsweek notes, that President Xi asked Putin not to invade Ukraine until after the Olympics and Putin agreed. What’s more, the humorless outlet continued, President Xi once called Vladimir Putin his “best, most intimate friend.”

Sure, Trump’s joking suggestion wouldn’t fool the Russians, but it certainly fooled Newsweek who gullibly took a joke for a serious military proposal.

The Newsweek writer, who obviously devoured every word of Josh Dawsey’s screed, also points out that Trump made a joke about wanting his advisors and generals to cower before him the way Kim Jong Un’s people cowered every time he spoke to them.

Newsweek quickly adds that Trump has “long praised” both Kim Jong Un and Putin.

The media misses Donald Trump so much, they don’t know what to do without him.

But you’d think after all these years obsessively covering everything Trump says and does they would finally figure out when he’s making a joke.