Trump Says “Huge Crowd… Despite The Cold Weather”

( In the world of politics, crowd size matters, particularly Trump’s.

After a spate of ridicule by many in the media, former President Donald Trump is repudiating reports that his crowd size at a recent Georgia rally was, by his standards, puny.

Statements made Sunday morning are at odds with one another. Trump, recognizing that the weather was a bit nasty for Georgia, said his rally had a strong turnout. Some in the media are suggesting that the less than normal crowd size is a signal that Trump’s popularity is waning.
At some point, rally-fatigue is an inevitability, but has it happened?
Trump hosted a “Save America” rally on Saturday, March 26, in Commerce, Georgia. Opinions on how large or small the assembled was varies from person to person, perhaps depending on what they want to see.
.Here’s a look at the crowd.
The rally was held at the Banks County Dragway (formerly known as the NHRA International Dragway.)
The doors opened in the afternoon, but Trump’s was scheduled to appear around 7 p.m. Eastern. He took to the stage about an hour late.
“We had a massive crowd last night in Georgia, but as usual, the Fake News Media absolutely refuses to show it. People are estimating 25,000 to 35,000 people,” Trump boasted. “Despite the cold weather, the enthusiasm was unbelievable,” he added.
A reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Greg Bluestein, said on Twitter, “I’ve covered more than two dozen Trump rallies around the nation. This is the smallest crowd I’ve seen at a rally of his in Georgia since he won the 2016 election — significantly smaller than the crowd in Perry in September.”
Bluestein also posted a video of fans leaving the speech early.
Bluestein’s colleague at the AJC, Shannon McCaffrey, was also eager to report dwindling crowds.
“Trump calls the crowd huge but lots of empty seats and folks leaving as he continues to speak,” McCaffrey wrote.
During the 2020 presidential election campaigns, the contrast between Trump rallies and Biden rallies were stark. Trump rallies were large and full of enthusiasm. Biden rallies seem to have been non-existant.

The media explained away the anemic Biden events by implying that Trump attendees were callous and cared little about the Covid pandemic, while Biden voters were much more cognizant of “super spreader events” and more socially responsible.

If journalists rallied by political affiliation, the Democrats would outnumber the Republicans 10-1.