Trump Says He Prefers Press Releases To Twitter Now

( During a Zoom call with historians in July of last year, former President Donald Trump admitted that he prefers using email to Twitter as a way to get his message out.

In the Zoom call, unearthed by The Atlantic on Monday, Trump told the historians that he doesn’t miss Twitter nor does he miss having a character limit imposed on his statements. Instead, Trump said he prefers communicating with his supporters through email statements from his Save America PAC.

Trump told the historians the email statements are “far more elegant,” adding that it was also a “good thing” that he isn’t being “stopped by the number of characters.”

The former president also boasted that getting banned from social media platforms has not stopped him from reaching a large audience, saying his success in that area has been “tremendous.”

And while Trump has launched the new social media platform Truth Social and does have an account there, he has only posted to his account once since the platform launched in February.

Trump’s statements will still reach as many people as his tweets so long as the Trump-hating media continues to land on every statement like hyenas on a carcass. They just can’t live without a daily Trump fix.

When the news broke earlier this week that Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk became Twitter’s largest shareholder and joined its board of directors, many Twitter users began asking Musk to lift the ban so Donald Trump could return to Twitter.

Musk, who has long been critical of the social media platform’s anti-Free Speech policies, tweeted on Tuesday that he was looking forward to working with the Twitter team to “make significant improvements to Twitter in the coming months.”

And while former President Trump might say he doesn’t miss Twitter, it would be hard to imagine he would pass up the chance to return to the platform if Musk’s placement on the board of directors presents Trump with the opportunity to launch a comeback.