Trump Says Americans Must Sacrifice In Fight Against CRT

( During his rally in Florence, South Carolina on Saturday night, former President Donald Trump told his supporters that if the Marxists have their way, there will be nobody left who is willing to “lay down their very lives” to defend the country.

The former president was speaking on the fight against Critical Race Theory in schools, calling it a “matter of national survival.”

Saying the fate of a nation depends on the “willingness of its citizens” to “lay down their very lives” to defend the country, Trump argued that if we allow Marxists and the other Leftists “to hate the country,” there will be nobody left to defend it.

Naturally, the lunatics on the Left were quick to misrepresent what Trump said.

The odious Aaron Rupar, who is notorious for incorrectly captioning videos on Twitter, claimed that Trump told his supporters to “’lay down their lives’ in the fight against critical race theory.”

That isn’t what he said, is it?

Trump’s point is a valid one.

If we don’t stop the America-hating Left, there will be no Americans remaining who love the country enough to defend it with their lives.

By allowing Hate-America indoctrination in public schools, whole generations will grow up hating America. That’s not a bug; that’s the feature.

But Rupar wants Leftists to believe that Trump is calling for violence to get critical race theory out of schools.

Rupar is a master at misrepresenting the video clips he posts. He lies when he describes the contents of a video because he knows most of his slack-jawed followers won’t take the time to click “PLAY” and watch it for themselves before they retweet his lies.