Trump Reveals January 6th “Witness” Tried To Get A Job With Him Before Turning On Him

( On Tuesday, the January 6 select committee held a special televised hearing featuring a “surprise witness,” former aide to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Cassidy Hutchinson.

Hutchinson proceeded to paint a lurid, over-the-top portrait of an unhinged Donald Trump hurling dishes, smashing ketchup bottles, and trying to commandeer the presidential limo by attacking the Secret Service driver to get to the Capitol on January 6.

Most of what Hutchinson recounted weren’t things she witnessed, but things she alleged other people told her. But every word out of her mouth was instantly treated as the gospel truth. The media ran with every lurid tale, placing particular emphasis on her claim that Trump tried to grab the wheel of the presidential limo to drive himself to the Capitol.

Within hours, Hutchinson’s hearsay testimony was disputed by the Secret Service agents present in the limo that day. By the next day, several other tidbits she shared were also debunked.

Former President Trump quickly took to Truth Social to attack Hutchinson as a nobody, calling her a “phony and ‘leaker.’”

He claimed he hardly knew Hutchinson at all, adding that she had asked to join the Trump team in Florida after he left office, but he “personally turned her request down,” which is an odd thing since he hardly knew her.

Trump asked why Hutchinson would even want to work for him after he left office if she thought he was so awful. He said he heard that Hutchinson got “upset and angry” when he didn’t let her join his team.

In another post, Trump blasted Hutchinson’s absurd claim that he tried to commandeer the presidential vehicle calling it “sick” and “fraudulent.” He added that such a thing wouldn’t have been possible.

He also disputed Hutchinson’s claim that he threw food.

At the start of her testimony, Hutchinson alleged that people in the crowd were armed with AR-15s and Trump was “irate” that the Secret Service wouldn’t allow them to attend his rally speech because he was afraid the crowd wasn’t big enough.

Trump also disputed that claim, saying he never complained about the size of the crowd because “it was massive.” He denied asking that armed people watch his speech, adding that there weren’t any guns found “or brought into the Capitol Building.”

The former president also attacked the select committee for the lack of cross-examination of Hutchinson, adding “This is a kangaroo court!”