Trump Raises RECORD $67.6 Million In August As Race Heats Up

( President Donald Trump and the Republican Party broke their own fundraising record in August, taking in an incredible $67.7 million. According to a report from The Washington Examiner, the huge fundraising haul is “nearly four times what the party did in the previous four Augusts combined.”

Not only that, but the Republican National Committee now values the current campaign cycle ast $1.3 billion, meaning the Republicans are not just building on their impressive ground game but maintaining extensive ad presence on national TV and online.

“This campaign is powered by real Americans who are motivated by raw enthusiasm for President Trump and a genuine belief in his agenda,” GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said about the news.

It comes as the Trump campaign shifts focus away from advertising and looks more at sending out millions of motivated volunteers to speak to people on the doorstep. The Democrats, on the other hand, are operating almost entirely online and on television.

McDaniel explained how the August fundraising cash would be used by the Republican Party, explaining how it will help their infrastructure and ensure people turn out to vote.

“From now until Election Day, our unparalleled infrastructure, battle-tested Get Out The Vote operation, and historic grassroots army will work each and every day to re-elect President Trump and Republicans up and down the ballot,” she said.

In a Tweet, McDaniel also announced that the Trump campaign has made “9 million door knocks and phone calls in Wisconsin alone.” The swing state also happens to be plagued by far-left violence, so a ground game of Trump supporters encouraging people to turn out to vote Republican to stop Democrat leaders in their state allowing the violence to continue could prove to be powerful.

Now the question is…does money spent entirely on ads do better than good ground game, with patriots out on the streets knocking on doors?