Trump Proposes Plan to Eliminate Income Tax With All-Tariff Plan

In a Thursday private meeting with Republican leaders in Washington, D.C., former President Trump proposed an income tax-free, all-tariff policy.

The elimination of income taxes and the implementation of an “all-tariff policy” would result in a substantial revenue deficit of almost $2.1 trillion, according to Caleb Silver, editor-in-chief of Investopedia. The everyday expenditures would skyrocket as a consequence of this.

Some tariffs imposed by the Trump administration have been retained or even increased by the Biden administration. This has had a relatively small impact on inflation, but a system that imposes tariffs uniformly could greatly affect that.

An economist from the Center for American Progress Action Fund maintains that President Trump’s plan to remove income tax through tariffs might lead to a $5,000 hike in hidden taxes for the typical American household.

Silver claims that while paychecks would look great without income taxes, but consumers would end up paying more for necessities as a consequence of companies passing the cost of taxes on to them, leading to a dramatic increase in the cost of living in the US.

Robert Reich, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley and a former US secretary of labor under Bill Clinton, estimates an additional $1,500 per year, not $5,000.

A 10% tax on all imported items and a 60% or higher charge on Chinese imports are among Trump’s proposed tariffs.

Reich said that it’s not only the other country that pays tariffs; we also pay them.

Significant levies on imported items would be necessary to generate the present amount of revenue confiscated by the government. Silver states that last year, the United States government received over $2.3 trillion in income taxes but just $80 billion in customs duties.

The significant disparity leaves consumers open to price gouging and higher taxes.

New York University law professor David Kamin claims that the typical American would feel the effects of an “all-tariff” approach.

Trump allegedly indicated his intention to lower the corporation tax rate to 20%.