Trump Poll Shows Sweep Of Battleground States

( In the Morning Consult poll released on Monday, former President Donald Trump remains the most popular Republican in the key battleground states of Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania with former Vice President Mike Pence coming in second.

According to the survey, Trump’s approval rating remains especially high in Georgia, with 86 percent approval among Republican voters, and in North Carolina where 87 percent of Republicans approve.

The vast majority of Republicans approve of Pence as well, with 74 percent in Georgia and 75 percent in North Carolina.

In the critical state of Pennsylvania however, Trump’s approval among Republicans is a bit lower, with only 77 percent of Republicans approving of the former president. Pence received 70 percent support among Pennsylvania Republicans.

Morning Consult also polled Ohio Republicans, although Ohio hasn’t been a “battleground” state in years. In Ohio, Trump enjoys an 80 percent approval rate among Republican voters while Pence’s approval was at 69 percent.

The survey polled at least 855 registered Republican voters in each state between March 1 and March 20.

It would be interesting to see if Trump’s surprising endorsement of TV celebrity Dr. Oz in the Pennsylvania Senate primary will have an impact on his approval among the state’s GOP voters. The reaction from Pennsylvania Republicans over the Oz endorsement was both swift and unfavorable.

All four states have closely-watched Senate races in this year’s Midterm elections.

In North Carolina, Trump endorsed Congressman Ted Budd in the primary race to replace retiring Senator Richard Burr. In the WRAL-TV/SurveyUSA poll released on Wednesday, Budd leads the crowded field with 33 percent.

In Georgia, Trump-endorsed candidate Herschel Walker is the favorite to win the Senate primary. In an Emerson poll from last week, Walker is beating the incumbent Democrat, Senator Raphael Warnock, by four points, 49 to 45.

Trump hasn’t endorsed any of the candidates running in the Ohio Senate primary.

But in Pennsylvania, where Trump endorsed the pro-abortion, anti-Second Amendment Dr. Oz, Republican David McCormick is beating Oz by 6 points in last Thursday’s Emerson poll, 27 to 21.