Trump Poll Shows Him Now Leading Biden

( According to a Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll, former President Trump would defeat current president Biden in a potential 2024 presidential contest.

According to the survey, participants were asked who they would vote for if the following people were running for president on November 5, 2024.  One thousand five hundred eligible U.S. voters participated in the survey on June 15, 2022.  Respondents were given the option of voting for Biden, Trump, or several generalized others.

Ultimately, Trump defeated Biden by three percentage points (41 to 38), winning the election. 13 percent of people are still unsure.

According to the poll, a large majority of 2020 Donald Trump backers (84 percent, -4) and Joe Biden voters (81 percent, +6) said they would vote for those respective candidates again.

Trump has more significant support from his base than Biden, with 82 percent to 75 percent in favor of Trump compared to the majority of Democrats and Republicans who say they would vote for any candidate.

Among independent voters, 34 percent say they would support Trump, while 32 percent say the same about Biden, giving Trump the lead. It’s noteworthy that 20% of independent voters are still unsure.

Results also show that when pitted against Vice President Kamala Harris, Donald Trump fares even better, winning by a margin of 43 percent to 37 percent. Nevertheless, Harris scores better among independents, who favor her 34 percent to Trump’s 33 percent. However, 18 percent are still unsure.

Who is still “undecided” at this point? Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are as appealing as a pair of moist socks.

Trump has not yet decided in writing, but his actions seem to reveal he will run. Since leaving office, he has joked about running once more, and most recently, he told The New Yorker that he is close to making a decision.

According to reports, while dealing with issues like rampant inflation, record-high gas costs, and ongoing concerns about his physical and mental health, Biden recently made national headlines when he fell off his bike while on a ride in Rehoboth, Delaware.

Any fall by a person of Biden’s age can be severe. A fractured hip can cause serious complications and infections, often leading to permanent disability or death.