Trump Mocks DeSantis’ “Emergency Round The World” Trip

Trump mocked Ron DeSantis, the Republican Governor of Florida, for on a four-nation tour that kicked off in Japan on Monday to see if he can eliminate the blemish of his dismal campaign.

According to a press release, DeSantis will meet with company executives and government officials to discuss growing Florida’s economic relationships.

Trump posted on Truth Social that the ‘Consultants’ are sending DeSantis on an emergency world tour to nations in the hopes that he would step up his game and be able to clean the stain off of his floundering campaign. Awful poll results! 

Even though he is supposedly Trump’s most formidable potential opponent for the Republican nomination in 2024, DeSantis has yet to announce his campaign. 

Reports show Trump’s lead against DeSantis has grown in recent polls.

The RealClear Politics average of polls from March 31st, Trump was ahead in the popular vote by 45.9% to 30.1%. The margin of victory has increased to 52.4% from 23.4%.

On Monday, while in Japan, DeSantis disregarded polls showing he was lagging behind Trump. DeSantis told the press that, for the time being, he is not a candidate, and we will see if that changes.

However, Trump kept needling in his Truth Social posts. 

Trump suggested that maybe he can, maybe he can’t. Who knows.  But there will be lots of time to reflect while he rides it out alone on his taxpayer-funded jet. 

According to a report, commercial flying in Tallahassee is difficult. Once DeSantis assumed office, state lawmakers approved spending millions to obtain a plane to transport the governor throughout the enormous state.

When DeSantis has a news conference or attends emergency response activities, he often uses the state jet. 

Requests for records detailing when and where the state aircraft has been sent have been met with delays from the Department of Law Enforcement.

Websites that monitor the whereabouts of airplanes reveal that DeSantis has flown on private chartered jets or planes belonging to wealthy donors and residents on book tours this year.