Trump mocks Biden over Abrams absence from voting rights speech

( Following President Joe Biden’s widely-criticized speech in Georgia last Tuesday, former President Donald Trump mocked the flailing president over the curious absence of so-called “voting rights” activist Stacey Abrams.

The president was speaking about the Democrats’ failing efforts to pass “voting rights” legislation that would make it easier for illegal aliens to cast votes in elections, while also federalizing elections and stripping the rights of states to determine their own election rules. It was exactly the kind of thing that Abrams would be interested in, but the failed gubernatorial candidate was totally absent from the speech.

Is she worried that any association with this wildly unpopular president – whose approval ratings dropped to just 33% in the latest Quinnipiac University poll – could hurt her chances in another future run for Georgia governor?

In a statement issued by his Save America PAC, former President Trump wrote:

“Stacey Abrams helped Biden steal the 2020 Election in Georgia but now she won’t even share a stage with Joe.”


He also offered a possible explanation for why Abrams didn’t turn up.

“Stacey knows that Biden actually lost BIG in Georgia, and in the 2020 Presidential Election as a whole, and he’s been so terrible she now wants nothing to do with him,” he said.

It’s hard to disagree with. Biden has overseen the worst border crisis in modern history, an economy struggling to bounce back with lockdowns always looming, and historically-high prices for food, fuel, and household goods.

Why would Abrams want anything to do with that?