Trump Lawyer: Supreme Court Lawsuit Is “End-All” Case

( Attorney Jordan Sekulow, who represents President Donald Trump in the Supreme Court lawsuit initially filed by the state of Texas, said this week that the legal challenge is the “end-all case” for the president.

The massive suit, which is due to be heard by the Supreme Court within a matter of days, was filed against the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia. It alleges that the voting rules put in place – notably the mail-in ballot system – was unconstitutional and implemented illegally using COVID-19 as cover.

“The Supreme Court is not just considering what Texas has filed [Dec. 8], they are now going the next step, which is to say, ‘We want a response from the states named,’” Sekulow said to Newsmax.

His comments reference the Supreme Court’s request of the four states named in the case to provide a written response by Thursday this week.

“This is the case we’ve been talking about to reach SCOTUS. This is the outcome-determinative case, 62 electoral college votes, enough to change the outcome of the election,” he added.

The case, if it is successful, would have the election results in the four states decertified, owing to the unconstitutionality of the mail-in ballots cast by millions of voters…and in many cases, cast illegally. Evidence of widespread election fraud in these four states has been provided in the form of video footage, data analysis, and witness testimony given in sworn affidavits.

Sekulow said that the Supreme Court will also weigh in on the remedy proposed by the suit, which is to allow the state legislatures to send new electors based on who they believe won the election. Legislators would be able to conduct their own investigation and continue hearing the evidence from thousands of Americans who have written sworn affidavits attesting to their first-hand experience of fraud. Based on those investigations, the legislators could determine which candidate was elected by their state.

“People should understand this is the be-all, end-all case to really determine the outcome of this election,” Sekulow said. “This is the major challenge, the one we were waiting for.”

The case is different to most other court cases, he added, because this is a “case of original jurisdiction.” As the suit is state-versus-state, with almost two dozen states suing four battleground states, the Supreme Court will need to review it.

Several other lawsuits have been filed by the president and supporters of the president, but so far most of them have been rejected by the lower courts. You can thank the Obama-appointed and left-wing judges for that.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is expected to give the oral testimony to the Supreme Court on this case – something he has done many times before in his capacity as an attorney.

The outcome of the election remains unclear, no matter what the media says. If the Supreme Court sides with Texas and the president, neither candidate will have enough electoral college votes to become the next president. It will be up to the Supreme Court to determine what the remedy should then be, whether it involves letting the legislatures get involved, or calling special elections in each state.