Trump Labeled A “Clear And Present Danger” By Democrats

( Despite President Donald Trump having left the White House, Democrats still appear to be scared of him…and Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin pretty much admitted it during an appearance on ABC’s “The View” on Monday.

Raskin, who lead the failed impeachment prosecution against the former president, told the ladies on The View that Trump “remains a clear and present danger to the American people.”

A danger to the American people…or to the Democrats?

“I think we need to confront his criminality, his corruption, and his dangerousness every single day,” Raskin said, without evidence of President Donald Trump ever having committed any criminal acts.

“As long as he’s still out there, he remains a clear and present danger to the American people. He spent four years in office cozying up to every dictator and despot on earth, from Putin in Russia to Orban in Hungary to Duterte in the Philippines, el-Sisi Egypt…you find a criminal in public office that was Donald Trump’s guy,” he added, referencing President Trump’s efforts to build peace with the most dangerous and corrupt nations on the planet.

Raskin even made digs at Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and advisor who negotiated historic peace deals between Muslim Middle Eastern nations like the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

“They’re going to be, you know, sending Jared Kushner out there on a globetrotting tour of every kleptocracy and autocracy on earth in order to collect the money they feel they deserve from having worked with all of these regimes,” he speculated wildly.

Does this sound like a sane and rational Democrat to you?

Raskin then speculated even further, claiming that Kushner would collect funds from foreign dictators that might then be used to “try to get Donald Trump to return to the White House.”

“Of course, if he were to ever be able to get back in, he would try to stay forever,” he added.

Watch the video. Every quote here is exactly what he said…

There are lots of reasons why the Democrats might be concerned about former President Donald Trump, even now that he is out of the White House. Polls continue to show that the former president has a loyal following, with some 46% of Republicans so strongly in favor of his leadership that they would be willing to leave the party and join a third party to support him.

With Republicans unlikely to ignore the Trump movement, that passion for the Republicans will stick around for the next election cycle.

Former President Trump also leads the 2024 primary polls, with more than 50% of the Republican Party supporting his rumored candidacy.

Could that be the reason why Raskin and others keep telling insane lies about the former president?