Trump Has A Double Digit Lead Over Biden

( A Rasmussen poll from Sunday shows that former President Donald Trump held a double-digit higher approval rating at the same point in his presidency than President Joe Biden.

Rasmussen’s Sunday approval rating for Biden was a pathetic 37 percent. But at the same time during his presidency, Donald Trump’s approval rating was ten points higher at 47 percent.

On Sunday, Joe Biden dropped to a record-low approval of 37.7 percent in the Real Clear Politics poll average. It has since bounced up 0.9 percent.

Saturday, Civiqs recorded Biden’s approval at a historic low of 29 percent, the lowest rating of any approval poll in Biden’s presidency.

According to Gallup, only five previous presidents saw their approval sink below 30 percent: Harry Truman (22 percent), Richard Nixon (24 percent), Jimmy Carter (28 percent), George HW Bush (29 percent), and George W. Bush (25 percent).

Despite his chronic unpopularity, old Joe still insists he will run for reelection in 2024.

After Tuesday’s White House Congressional Picnic, a reporter asked the president about polling that showed support for a second Biden term was crumbling among Democrat voters.

The defensive president snapped that Democrats want him to run again, adding “read the poll. Read the polls, Jack!”

Biden claimed 92 percent of Democrats would vote for him if he ran again in 2024.

When another reporter noted that the majority of Democrats say they don’t want Biden running in 2024, the poor old man attempted a lame “so there,” by noting again that if he did run again, 92 percent of Democrats said they would vote for him.