Trump Family Betrayed by Ex Advisor For Money

( Jason Miller, the founder of social media alternative platform “GETTR” and former aide to President Donald Trump, has come out swinging against Stephanie Grisham’s decision to reveal personal details about her relationship with former First Lady Melania Trump in a tell-all book.

Grisham, who was a friend of the former first lady, resigned on January 6 from her position as Melania Trump’s Chief of Staff and Communications Director for the White House and went on to smear the former First lady for profit.

Speaking to The Sun, Miller responded to the news that Grisham has published a book titled “I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw in the Trump White House,” and slammed her as an “a**hole.”

Sounds about right.

Miller said that people might technically have a legal right to say things, but just because they have that right doesn’t mean they are “immune from being an a**hole.”

He added that while he doesn’t know what is going on in Grisham’s personal life, but said that he knew she was once a strong defender of Melania Trump. He stressed that he found it “weird” for her to flip the way she did.

You may remember that Grisham isn’t the only person who has betrayed Melania Trump. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former friend of Melania Trump, even revealed a recording of the former First lady talking about her difficulties with the media, in which she expressed her disappointment about the way she was treated.

Some friend, huh?

Miller was asked by The Sun whether he believed Grisham wrote the book for the money, and he say “yes.”