Trump Enemy Claims His Joke Is Inches Away From “Massacre”

The former vice president’s chief of staff has responded to Trump’s latest attacks on his former vice president, which were made on January 6.

Trump was asked about the rioting supporters of his who chanted “Hang Mike Pence” after the ex-vice president refused Trump’s request to help him overthrow the 2020 election during a town hall event with CNN on January 6th. Trump discussed problems with the 2020 election after moderator Kaitlin Collins, who weirdly admonished Trump for examining the past, asked about the past.

Speaking about January 6, Trump said he didn’t think Mile Pence was in danger. He also refused to apologize to Pence because he felt Pence was in the wrong. He said he thinks the outcome would have been different if he had returned the ballots to the legislators on the slate.

Trump has repeatedly dismissed that there was an actual lynch mob who would have put a rope around Mike Pence’s neck and killed him. The scenario is entirely implausible and overblown by the politically dramatic left.

Pence was reportedly only 40 feet away from the mob calling for his blood when his security ushered him from the Capitol on January 6. 

CNN had contacted Marc Short, Pence’s former chief of staff, for his comments, and he gave an unsettling warning about what may have happened if Pence’s bodyguard had to open fire on the mob to defend him.

Short said he was with the VP when the US Secret Service ordered him to leave the Capitol building three times; he refused each time, explaining that leaving the building would send the wrong message worldwide. 

At the time, the vice president was accompanied by members of the United States Secret Service, whose opinions are unlikely to align with those of the president. 

They told Short they were “inches away” from perhaps opening fire on the mob, which might have resulted in a massacre in the Capitol.

Short was told they were very near to having a lot more people killed that day.