Trump Deletes Photo Posing With Police

( Following an uproar from police officers who were allegedly attacked during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, former President Donald Trump withdrew a photo of himself smiling with Pennsylvania State Troopers.
According to Julie Kelly of American Greatness, eyewitness testimonies and comprehensive video evidence show police assaulting peacefully gathered on Capitol grounds just after 1 p.m. During a recent trial, a Capitol official testified that the department utilized non-lethal munitions for the first time in history on January 6.
Reports show there were no police officers killed on January 6 or as a result of the protest. But four of Donald Trump’s supporters did:

Ashli Babbitt
Rosanne Boyland
Kevin Greeson
Benjamin Phillips
There are plenty of J6 prisoners who did nothing more than stand outside the Capitol building, but those officers freaking out about pictures of “Orange Man Bad” with state troopers aren’t upset about political prisoners.
The photo with more than 30 state troopers has served as the banner at the top of Trump’s Truth Social account. It was tweeted several hours after Trump’s “Save America” event in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, where the photo was shot. It remained up until Thursday. After attracting media attention, the photo was removed from the Truth Social account.
According to the Pennsylvania State Police, posing with dignitaries at an event when state troopers are providing security is customary, but the image with the former president was not formally sanctioned or circulated by the Pennsylvania State Police.
Reports show CNN commentator and former Washington, D.C. police officer Michael Fanone whined to far-left media that the photo was unprofessional and wrong. He remarked that the Pennsylvania state troopers, from the bottom of his heart, could “go f*** all the way off.”
Wow! That was an unprofessional and tacky comment by Michael Fanone.
But then, he does work at CNN. So gutter behavior is to be expected.
U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn slammed the photo as unacceptable and claimed it alienated many people.

What alienates people is a deranged group of far-left cult members obsessed with destroying Trump, even at the cost of their dignity.