Trump Confirms “Buy American” Executive Order To STOP Reliance On China

( – On Wednesday, the White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy confirmed the Trump administration is working on an executive order to stop reliance on China. Peter Navarro said the new order would stop government reliance on the communist country for important medical supplies.

The news comes as the United States government takes unprecedented measures to protect American citizens during the spread of the coronavirus. Congressmen have expressed concern to the president in recent weeks that some medical supplies were in short supply as a result of the viral outbreak, which originated in China.

Marco Rubio, the Republican senator for Florida, tweeted on Wednesday that he had asked the president to look at diversifying the United States supply chain, particularly in pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. It was a message that struck a chord with the president, who campaigned in 2015 and 2016 to end US reliance on China and to encourage Americans to buy more American-made products.

Senator Rubio confirmed that the president agreed with his message and that Peter Navarro and his team would be working on an executive order to solve the problem.

By signing an executive order, the president will be able to quickly bypass Congressional Democrats who have, to date, worked to stop all significant legislative efforts from the president.

Trump’s executive order will reportedly stop federal agencies from purchasing medical supplies from China. This would mean gloves, ventilators, face masks, and other essentials would be readily available in the United States at all times and not subject to long shipping times or disruptions in the supply chain.

Conservative author Dana Loesch reflected the attitude of many Republicans in a Thursday tweet, in which she explained how it is important for America to control its own supply chain for antibiotics.

Currently, 90% of antibiotics in America come from China.

Let’s hope the executive order changes that!