Trump Celebrates RECORD 4.8 MILLION Job Boost in June, U.S. Economy Rebuilding

( President Donald Trump celebrated an incredible job boost this week, as official numbers show a record employment increase across the United States in June. It comes as states begin to reopen their economies and allow businesses to open again.

Payrolls increased by a massive 4.8 million – the most since records started being kept by the Labor Department in 1939. It’s another victory of May, where a further 2.5 million people rejoined the labor market – a surprise win for President Trump after economists predicted more decline. It shows that Trump’s tax cuts had a long-term effect, strengthening businesses and helping them weather the storm over the last few months

Trump celebrated the “HISTORIC JOB NUMBERS!” in a press conference, retweeting a clip from the conference where he outlined just how well the United States economy is rebounding.

The job surge has also been aided by the Paycheck Protection Program, a system implemented by the federal government that gives businesses access to loans that can be partially forgiven if they are used to pay the wages of staff. It’s part of a huge effort to ensure businesses can keep people on their payrolls as long as possible, while the economy gets back on its feet after weeks and months of lockdown.

Michael Pearse, a senior economist from Capital Economics, told the press that he expects the recovery from this point to be a “Lot bumpier” and that job gains will grow much more slowly on average, but economists have been wrong before. While it’s right to take caution, and it’s true that jobs won’t instantly reappear, Trump’s economy is rebounding much more quickly than many expected.

“These are historic numbers in a time when a lot of people would have wilted, but we didn’t wilt,” Trump told a press conference on Thursday.

Could this be enough for people to see that Trump is capable of handling the COVID pandemic and helping the economy recover? The Trump re-election campaign will certainly hope so.