Trump Campaign Attracts 2 Major Donors

In a stunning turn of events, former US President Donald Trump scored two significant endorsements from major Republican Party donors, further solidifying his stronghold within the GOP.
Robert Bigelow, a top contributor to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, has shifted his support to Trump. Bigelow, a prominent figure in the hospitality and aerospace industries, expressed his doubts about DeSantis’s leadership aptitude to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. He highlighted the need for a leader who instills fear in those who intend to harm the United States, a role he believes Trump fits perfectly.

Previously, Bigelow cautioned DeSantis about adopting a more moderate approach, threatening to withdraw his financial support for the Florida Governor’s prospective 2024 campaign. While Bigelow’s endorsement of Trump marks a significant shift from his earlier stance, he maintains that Trump’s proven track record as a leader outweighs his controversial persona.

However, Bigelow’s support comes with a caveat. He insists that Trump must avoid any potential legal dilemmas and the risk of imprisonment before he fully commits his financial backing.

Meanwhile, Bernie Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot and another prominent Republican donor, also threw his weight behind Trump. Marcus penned an op-ed in RealClearPolitics, declaring Trump the “simple choice” in the current political landscape.

Despite confessing his exhaustion with politics, Marcus emphasized the high stakes of the upcoming elections, encouraging Republicans to rally behind Trump. He acknowledged the ex-president’s brash style in his op-ed but lauded his stewardship during his first term.

Marcus also expressed concerns about current issues such as the US-Mexico border situation, the economy, and education. He urged all Americans to ensure that these problems are not left as their legacy regardless of political leanings.

These endorsements follow the third GOP presidential primary debate, which Trump chose not to attend. Despite his absence and ongoing legal issues, Trump continues to lead in the polls, often running neck and neck with current President Biden.

Current polls reveal a startling shift in voter sentiment in crucial swing states, with President Biden lagging behind Donald J. Trump as we approach the 2024 elections. The New York Times and Siena College’s recent studies unveil growing concerns over Biden’s age and widespread discontent over his economic policies and management of various pressing issues.