Trump Asks Crowd If He Should Run For President Again

( In a speech at the Road to Majority Policy Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, former President Donald Trump received a standing ovation when he hinted at a 2024 presidential candidacy.

A cable news outlet reported that Trump thanked the crowd and remarked that he appreciated them while speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition. He then jokingly asked if he should shed tears as Adam Kinzinger does, wondering if Kinzinger’s crying was ever genuine.

He asked if anyone would like for him to run for president before receiving yet another wild applause.

Trump then remarked that he was fighting against what he considered a left turn away from God and a Democrat spin into a two-tiered justice system. One of the most critical jobs confronting the next Republican president, according to Trump, will be to treat Democrats and Republicans equally.

Reports show that former President Trump criticized the Biden administration’s rejection of God and religion and the left-leaning elements within the Democrat party. Trump suggested they did not want religion in our nation.

Regarding the political persecution of Republicans, Trump pledged he would consider pardoning protestors from the Jan. 6 demonstrations who had endured much worse treatment than the violent rioters during the George Floyd demonstrations. Trump suggested that if he decided to run for president, he would seriously consider offering pardons to the J6 prisoners.

Trump explained that America must have a single set of laws and a single justice system. That is not the case today. There are two systems. The radical left should not be above the law, and Conservatives are not beneath the law.

Trump concluded his speech by calling the House Select Committee’s investigation into his supporters’ political activity on January 6 a stain on America. He claimed that the current targeting and intimidation of Republicans and Conservatives were completely unprecedented in American history.

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the self-interested GOP elites should also stop targeting and intimidating their constituents.