Trucker Drags Climate Protestor with Vehicle After Confrontation

A heated clash occurred between a 41-year-old truck driver in Germany and radical climate demonstrators from the group Letzte Generation, also known as “The Last Generation.” The trucker forcefully moved the protesters off the road before driving towards one. 

These climate advocates, recognized by their orange vests, have protested on streets, highways, and airports, causing significant delays. Their regular disruptions, some lasting for hours, have gradually eroded public patience.

A video featuring the trucker’s engagement with the protestors at a busy intersection in Stralsund, the Heinrich-Heine-Ring, frequented by 20,000 drivers daily, has attracted widespread attention. The footage displays a man exiting his truck and aggressively confronting the activists.

The Stralsund prosecutor’s office is investigating the trucker involved in the incident on July 12. He has been required to surrender his driving license until the investigation concludes, as stated in a report by Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) on Friday. 

In the incident, six activists stalled traffic for around 90 minutes in both directions before the authorities could restore order. Some even adhered their hands to the pavement to complicate removal efforts.

According to NDR, the activists on the receiving end of the trucker’s fury have voiced their empathy for the legal repercussions he is currently facing. The action of this trucker follows another incident in Bottrop that garnered authorities’ attention where a German woman, labeled as the “brutal blonde” by the European media, was caught on video pulling a climate activist by her hair.

Police in Recklinghausen reported minor injuries sustained by the activist in the altercation. They are now scrutinizing videos and photos of the event to ascertain whether criminal action should be taken against those who removed the protesters from the road. The climate activists were also arrested.

Members of the same activist group have also caused chaos at two airports by affixing themselves to the runways protesting the pollution caused by mass transit. The activist’s actions resulted in lengthy delays and numerous flight cancellations.

German media outlet DW reported that 46 flights were delayed, canceled, or diverted due to the protest at Hamburg airport, which coincided with the first day of the city’s school summer vacations.

“Rather than aiding climate protection, ‘The Last Generation’ is engaged in criminal activity,” stated Transport Minister Volker Wissing.