Trey Gowdy To Host Fox News

( Fox News is doing well right now. The network revealed this week that through May it averaged 2.2 million primetime viewers, with Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity coming close to averaging 3 million viewers per show each.

And Trey Gowdy could be about to join the two news anchor in that success.

Gowdy, who was formerly a federal prosecutor and a Congressman representing South Carolina’s 4th District, is all set to join the network on Sunday evenings. A press release from Fox News said that beginning this Sunday, Gowdy will host his own 7pm ET Sunday evening show.

Given Gowdy’s support for the Make America Great Again agenda, and the news that staunch Trump supporter Dan Bongino will be given a primetime Saturday show at 10pm, it’s an indication that Fox News is attempting to return to its roots and cater for the conservative base once again.

The new show will utilize Gowdy’s “signature mixture of wisdom, humor, historical references and insightful analysis” to give audiences a new outlook on the issues currently facing America. The press release says that Gowdy will also use his experience as a former prosecutor and as the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to discuss both political and legal news.

He will also feature interviews with Washington insiders and policy makers, and will focus particularly on the issue of bipartisanship – something that the Democrats seem to have forgotten about these days.

The Fox release said that Gowdy will also present some stories of success and triumph across the United States, and give people a reason to feel positive about the future – something more important than ever now that President Joe Biden is in the White House, inflation is hitting the country hard, and millions of people are still out of work.

Gowdy already has an extremely popular Fox News podcast and radio show, and those successes are likely to be translated onto his new TV show.

Who else is excited to see Fox become conservative again?