Top U.S. Lawmaker Says He’s Facing Assassination Threats

( Republican congressman Fred Upton said recently that he has received more than 1,000 threatening calls, some of which were death threats, after he voted on Friday to pass the so-called “bipartisan” infrastructure bill.

The legislator drew ire from Republicans after he supported the package despite the fact that it is packed full of non-infrastructure-relating funding promises.

He made the claim, which has not been verified, after Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia posted his phone number on her social media account and encouraged Republicans to let him know that they disagreed with his decision.

A spokesperson from Upton’s office claimed that 90% of the calls coming into his office were from outside of his southwest Michigan constituency.

They claimed that one person said in a call, “I hope you die. I hope everybody in your f*cking family dies.”

If true, it’s not exactly a good look for Taylor Greene. While the vast majority of Make America Great Again and America First Republicans are peaceful, law-abiding, and respectful, there will always be contingents of any political group who take things a step too far.

There are lots of reasons for people to be angry with Upton, too. He voted in January to impeach former President Donald Trump, and even pushed the “January 6 Insurrection” narrative invented by the Democrats. He claimed that the riots seen that day were the worse he has ever seen before.

“This is not what our kids and families ought to be seeing,” he said.

Did he miss the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 that caused around $2 billion in damage?