Top Republican Scrubs Website Of References To Trump

( Morgan Ortagus, former President Donald Trump’s congressional candidate in Tennessee’s 5th district, has removed the former President from her campaign website and looks to be on the verge of dropping out of her bid for Congress.

She was initially taken off the ballot by the Tennessee GOP under regulations addressing Republican bona fides. Ortagus’ Twitter biography has since been altered. Her website, which once included several endorsements and mentions of former President Donald Trump, has been reduced to a front page with a simple “Thank You” written on it.

According to reports, the other candidates who were eliminated are contesting the regulations in federal court, but Ortagus will follow advice from her lawyers and will not challenge the ruling.

Ortagus has not commented about Tennessee or her candidacy since April 19th, despite receiving criticism for her links with prominent left-wing leaders and her commitment to proudly serve President Joe Biden if she were to be elected. In addition, her wedding was officiated by the late progressive Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And for the 2016 Republican primary, she volunteered for Jeb Bush. Currently, Ortagus’ social media has mainly focused on the issues of Ukraine and Iran.

In Morgan Ortegus’ last Fox News interview, she was only identified as a former State Department Spokesperson rather than a candidate for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District.

Robby Starbuck, another candidate from Ortagus’ district, vowed that he would appeal the Tennessee GOP’s decision to remove him, Ortagus, and Baxter Lee from the ballot.

Starbuck intends to sue in federal court, according to news reports.
In a statement released by Starbuck, he alleges state GOP leaders employed hidden and irregular measures to hinder a free and fair election following state party bylaws as well as state and federal law. Starbuck claims the party failed to remedy what it did wrong, which has disenfranchised the voters.

“I’m fighting for the right of Tennesseans to vote for anyone they choose, including my opponents.” The statement showed.