Top Democrat Goes On Unhinged Rant After Losing Race

( Nina Turner, the former campaign co-chair for failed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, lost the Democratic primary election for the upcoming Ohio congressional race on Tuesday.

And soon after learning of her loss, she appeared to go on a vile anti-Semitic rant, claiming that “evil money” was used to defeat her campaign.

According to The Daily Wire, Turner was criticizing the $2 million in campaign donations given to candidate Shontel Brown by the Democratic Majority for Israel. Her assertion that the money was “evil” appeared to be based solely on the fact that it came from an organization that supports Israel’s right to exist, and its right to defend its people against Hamas terrorists.

It’s no wonder that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came out in support of Turner, is it?

In a concession speech, Turner said that she will work hard to ensure that “something like this never happens” to a “progressive” candidate again. And by “progressive,” of course, she appears to mean far-left socialist. Because that’s what she is.

She then wrongly claimed that she “didn’t lose this race” and that the election was “maligned” and “manipulated” by “evil money.”

But…but…didn’t the Democrats say election fraud doesn’t happen?

Turner continued her delusional tirade on Twitter, saying that while she “didn’t cross the river” (?) she did inspire thousands of people to dream bigger and expect more.

She has some real confidence, huh?

She then continued with her anti-Semitic tropes, claiming that she couldn’t overcome “dark money” but she has left her mark on the nation.

Has she left her mark on the nation?

Or has she just revealed how deep anti-Semitism runs in the Democratic Party?