Top Democrat Flees Reporters By Running Into Traffic

( Insane footage shows how New York Assembly member Rodneyse Bischotte Hermelyn recently walked into oncoming traffic on a very busy road on Flatbush Avenue just to avoid answering questions from the press.

The video, which you can see here, shows the Brooklyn assembly member leaving an event at the Junior’s restaurant in downtown Brooklyn. Hermelyn can be seen walking right into a crowded boulevard.

Hermelyn had allegedly agreed to be interviewed by a news reporter from NY1, but appeared to decide against it last minute and thought it would be better to just walk right out into traffic.

Anyone familiar with the area knows that this is a crazy thing to do. Flatbush is always busy because it’s a traffic artery that starts at Manhattan Bridge. It’s certainly not the kind of place you want to be walking in, especially during the busy hours.

The video quickly went viral after investigative reporter Courtney Gross took it from a Spectrum NY1 report and shared it online.

You can watch the video by clicking here.

Ask yourself…when we’ve reached a point that Democrats would rather walk out into heavy traffic than face answers from the press, hasn’t something gone very wrong?

For a party that claimed that President Donald Trump and his administration didn’t pay enough respect to journalists, you’d think that elected representatives in the Democratic Party would be willing to face the press and answer difficult questions.

Perhaps Hermelyn has some secrets…