Top Democrat Claims “Obstruction” In Donald Trump Case 

( On Tuesday’s episode of “CNN Primetime,” New York Democrat Representative Daniel Goldman claimed that House Republicans might be attempting to hinder Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s investigation by calling for Bragg to testify before Congress about a possible indictment of former President Trump. 

Anchor John Berman remarked that many of Goldman’s Republican colleagues, like Speaker McCarthy, are attacking DA Alvin Bragg and the investigations. He claimed they were trivializing the investigations before they were completed.   

He asked Goldman what he thought of their claim that an arrest would be driven by partisanship and politics. 

According to Goldman, it was supposedly apparent that they were acting at Trump’s direction and seeking to discredit this inquiry. 

According to The Last Refuge, No one, not even Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, is said to have any insight into the current difficulties surrounding the “corrupt political case.” 

Despite the extensive planning that has taken place this week and the extra money that has been spent on the New York Police Department in order to ensure the safety of everyone in and around the Manhattan courtroom, something has changed and postponed the whole debacle. 

The report explained that Alvin Bragg once again canceled the grand jury examination of the accusation he was constructing against Donald Trump on Thursday morning, and CNN was the first to disclose it. The grand jury has heard evidence in other unconnected cases.  But the one that might lead to an indictment of former President Trump has been postponed until next week. 

The report supposes that a majority of the grand jury’s 23 members may have decided against prosecuting Alvin Bragg at this point.  

Yet, according to The Last Refuge, when the extent to which the subject has been politicized is taken into account, it becomes clear that DA Bragg cannot retreat without drawing fire from the Lawfare ideologues who provided him with advice.