Tomi Lahren Calls Out Traitor Gwen Berry

( Fox News conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren hit out at Gwen Berry this week, the Olympic athlete who shamed the country when she turned her back on the United States flag and covered her ears when the national anthem was playing.

During her Fox Nation show “Final Thoughts,” Lahren slammed Berry for her actions and reminded her that the world doesn’t revolve around these “crybaby athletes.” She added that when a sportsperson competes for Team USA, it shouldn’t be too much to ask that they show some class and decency.

Berry claimed that the whole incident was a setup, as the anthem was played when she took her place on the podium to accept her bronze prize. She claimed that the anthem was played specifically at that time to show her up, despite the fact that it was always planned to be played at that moment, and is always played at professional games.

Lahren didn’t believe it – and why should she? Not only did she turn her back to the anthem, and not only has she done this before (when she raised her fist in a “Black Power” style when the anthem was playing at the Pan-Am games (video blow), but she was even holding a tee shirt that said “Activist Athlete.”

So what is it? Is she an activist athlete or is she a victim?

Just look at the bright lipstick she wears. This isn’t a normal person. This is someone who loves attention.

During Lahren’s show – which you can watch here – she insisted that Berry wasn’t set up. She said that’s how American sports works, and it was a tradition to play the anthem before she decided to hate American patriotism.

She also asked Berry if she thinks that her personal hatred for her country means she deserves special treatment on the podium?

It sounds like that’s probably exactly what she thinks she deserves…