Tom Cotton Sinks Impeachment Push Against Trump

(PatrioticPost)- Bad news for Democrats hoping to convict the President in a second impeachment trial for a crime he didn’t commit…Senator Tom Cotton said on Wednesday that the chamber “lacks constitutional authority” to hold the trial after the president leaves office.

And with President Donald Trump set to leave office on Wednesday, January 20, it looks like a second impeachment trial may be off the cards.

Democrats impeached the president for a second time last week, incorrectly claiming that he had incited violent riots on January 6. The FBI has since said that the violent unrest seen on Capitol Hill was pre-organized and began before the president finished his speech, effectively destroying the Democrats’ argument that he called for the violence.

Until Twitter permanently suspended the president, the president’s repeated calls for peace and non-violent protest could also be seen on his feed.

“The House has passed an article of impeachment against the president, but the Senate under its rules and precedents cannot start and conclude a fair trial before the president leaves office next week,” the Arkansas senator said in an official statement.

“Under these circumstances, the Senate lacks constitutional authority to conduct impeachment proceedings against a former president,” he added.

Senator Cotton also explained how the impeachment process was designed to target presidents, and not to allow politicians to demonize private citizens – which President Trump will be in mere days.

“The Founders designed the impeachment process as a way to remove officeholders from public office – not an inquest against private citizens,” Cotton added. “The Constitution presupposes an office from which an impeached officeholder cannot be removed.”

But Democrats appear intent on moving ahead with the plans, despite House Speaker Pelosi having delayed officially sending the articles of impeachment over to the Senate.

With ten Republican representatives joining with Democrats to impeach President Trump for a crime the FBI has shown he did not commit, the president’s enemies in Congress appear hellbent on destroying his legacy and targeting him even after he leaves the White House.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has also not ruled out the possibility of voting to convict Trump in a possible Senate impeachment trial.

If it goes ahead, which Cotton says it shouldn’t, then Republicans could soon be set to destroy their own party and GOP establishment figures like McConnell set to destroy their own legacies, too.