Tom Cotton Calls Possible Biden TikTok Campaign Desperate

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton is blasting the Biden campaign for creating an account on the “Chinese propaganda app” TikTok in its effort to try to stop hemorrhaging young voters, Newsmax reported.

While appearing on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Cotton accused the Biden campaign of being “desperate to do anything” to stop the president’s declining poll numbers, including using “a Chinese propaganda app.”

Cotton suggested that rather than make use of TikTok to bolster his campaign, the president should next month sign a bill into law to ban the Chinese-based social media platform.

The Arkansas Republican noted that it was a bad look for the president’s campaign to use TikTok when the app hasn’t just been banned by some governors but also the president himself.

He noted that last year, Congress passed a bill banning the use of TikTok on government devices, which means that senior aides in the White House now have to carry a government-issued device and a second device from which they will be “obsessively checking TikTok to look at Joe Biden’s campaign account.”

In early November, members of Congress renewed their calls for the US to ban the Chinese app after it was reported that TikTok was promoting pro-Hamas propaganda that was contrary to US foreign policy.

In mid-November, young TikTok users began posting videos of themselves reading Osama bin Laden’s letter justifying the 9/11 attacks and expressing support for the terrorist leader.

Noting the anti-American/anti-Israeli propaganda on TikTok Cotton said it was clear that Beijing isn’t just using the app to promote the Chinese Communist Party “but to undermine the United States and our friends at every turn.”

Cotton said it isn’t just happening with Israel but also with what is going on in the United States as well.