Toll Booth Crash Involving Traffickers Leads To 7 Deaths

( Greek authorities have revealed how seven migrants were killed and eight other people were injured after a driver of a vehicle they were all traveling crashed.

The crash occurred in northern Greece close to a highway toll station.

The 15 people on board the vehicle were traveling near the Turkish border and crashed not long after midnight. It was traveling at a high speed and as the driver tried to leave the highway, they lost control and hit a toll booth. The vehicle continued through the toll booth and ultimately hit a storage container, where it came to a halt and several people tragically died.

Among those who were injured, four were from Pakistan, two from Nepal, and another was from Afghanistan. The 35-year-old driver, transporting the migrants, was from Moldova and is understood to have been part of a smuggling operation. Those injured were taken to hospitals in the Greek towns of Komotini and Xanthi – and presumably, if they are illegally present in the country, they will be arrested too.

Among the seven people who died in the crash, one was a woman – however, the nationalities of those people have not been shared.

Greece is one of the countries that illegal migrants often travel through in order to reach European Union countries. Once there, the migrants settle in the countries most likely to welcome them – and once they have citizenship, they can legally travel to – and live in – any other European country. Many migrants, however, simply travel straight through the European Union until they eventually find themselves in Western European countries.

If they reach France, migrants often try their luck at crossing the Channel – the narrow expanse of ocean between England and France – on dinghies and small boats, where they are often intercepted and brought ashore.

It’s not just America that has an illegal alien problem, it seems!