This School Is Banning Girls From Their Lockerroom

( A Vermont high school has prohibited its girls’ volleyball team from using its locker room.


The females dared to complain about using the space with a male player who claimed he was entitled to be in there because he “identifies” as a woman.

The transgender has been accused of harassing female team members and making “inappropriate remarks” to them while they changed.

Girls volleyball players at Randolph Union High School were expelled from their locker room after complaining about the impropriety of having to share it with a biological man. Under Vermont’s definition of far-left gender and LGBT ideology, the guy who believes he is a woman has been permitted to join the girls’ volleyball team and, reportedly, take over their locker room.

The female team members expressed discomfort being forced to undress in front of a young man in the school locker area. However, it’s the females who received punishment and were barred from their locker area under Vermont’s extreme LGBT legislation.

Administrators stated that the school had “enough of space where children who feel uncomfortable with the regulations may change in private” in a note to parents that addressed the locker room prohibition and cited the state’s strict rules against juvenile transgenderism.

The genuine females on the team are being penalized for not wanting to share a locker room with a young boy, according to Blake Allen, a female member of the Randolph Union girls’ volleyball team who talked to the local media about the incident. According to Allen, her mother urged her to speak to the press.

According to Allen, they want all the females who feel uncomfortable—roughly ten girls—to change in a single-stall toilet, which would take more than 30 minutes. “Where it would take a minute, like no additional time, if one individual got changed separately,” she said.

The mother of the male athlete claimed to the left-leaning VT Digger that local media source WCAX 3, which covered the trans locker room event and gave the girls’ volleyball team’s female players a voice, ought to “be held responsible” for fanning “a firestorm of discrimination and hatred.”

The Randolph Union High School has declined to talk to the media about the problem, despite sending an email to families advising their girls to go elsewhere.

Blake Allen seems to insinuate that she is being investigated and accused of harassment and bullying by the school.