This Satire Website Accentally Predicted 70 Real-Life Events

( Up is down, the sky is purple, your lying eyes fool you, and what is a woman? The Babylon Bee, which offers humorous news commentary, is a reliable(ish) news source.

Seth Dillon, the Bee’s CEO, produced a list of over 70 “satirical” tales that had lately come true, including “2+2=4, Insists Close-Minded Bigot,” and “Researchers Determine the Science has Changed after Carefully Examining Poll Numbers.”

Dillon was modest about the satire’s accuracy, saying he doesn’t “think we’re all that adept at predicting the future.” Instead, he credited the direct strikes to a “changing reality baseline.” And wacky communist idealogues make his work simple, he said.

Dillon said that those working hardest to make the world a parody should get most of the credit. They make their satire real. But he took a little bow as he quoted William Shakespeare’s King Lear, saying, “Jesters do oft prove prophets.”

The publication exclusively broadcasts outrageous over-exaggerations and manufactured plots, but as the stories expand and more evidence becomes accessible, the jokes become a reality.

The Babylon Bee’s humorous forecasts are often accurate. Sometimes it takes just days, as it was this past Thanksgiving. In a piece titled “Surviving Inflation: 9 Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Thanksgiving This Year,” the Bee suggested replacing the traditional turkey with spam. A few days later, NBC News advised poor households to find turkey substitutes.

The Bee was even on Biden’s misinformation governing board – aka ministry of truth. After the board’s announcement, the satirical site published “Disinformation Governance Board Determines All Criticism Of Disinformation Governance Board To Be Disinformation.“

The disinformation board was placed on hold within days because of…disinformation.

Luck isn’t everything. Bee editors-in-chief Kyle Mann and Joel Berry say making these forecasts takes some expertise in thinking like a liberal.

Babylon Bee editors-in-chief Kyle Mann and managing editor Joel Berry said their prophetic gift comes from “thinking like a socialist.”

After thinking, “What’s the craziest thing they could do?” Berry said whatever they concoct would happen within two weeks. Mann said Democrats acquire policy ideas from The Babylon Bee.

That satirical line is probably closer to reality than we think.