They’re Naming A Room At The Capitol After Nancy Pelosi

( With her 620,000 followers on Twitter, Lauren Boebert expressed her disdain for a House Democrats’ proposal to name a room in the Capitol after Speaker Nancy Pelosi, stating that she could think of “no one less deserving.”

“You won’t believe this,” Boebert stated in a video posted on her online page as the third congressional district representative for Colorado.

She was incredulous that the House of Representatives is working on naming a room for Pelosi when millions of people are crossing our southern border, and inflation is at a 40-year high.

“There is nothing less significant or, to be honest, anyone less deserved, in my opinion.”

It is regarded as a rare honor to dedicate a chamber in the Capitol complex to a House representative. Following his passing the previous year, three-time House Speaker Sam Rayburn had the elaborate new reception room on the East Front christened in his honor in 1962, marking the first instance of a chamber being named after a legislator.

Since then, rooms have been named in honor of additional legislators, notably Lindy Boggs, the first woman to represent Louisiana in Congress and the first to chair a major political gathering when she presided over the Democratic National Convention in 1976 in New York City.

When Pelosi, 82, won re-election to the position of Speaker of the House in 2019, she made history once more as the first woman to hold the position. According to a resolution proposed by House Democrats, she would have room 390 of the Cannon House Office Structure, the oldest congressional office building in the Capitol complex named after her.

Representative Zoe Lofgren, a Democrat from California’s 19th district and the chairwoman of the House administration committee, introduced the resolution on November 29. According to online information about Congress, the House “resolved” it on November 30.

The resolution states that the “Speaker Nancy Pelosi Caucus Room” is located in the Cannon House Office Building, room 390.

The resolution might be passed before Republicans reclaim control of the House in January 2023 and before Pelosi resigns as speaker because it only needs a simple majority in the chamber to pass.

Rep. Nancy Lofgren said it is a “little tribute to a towering figure” who “has been a singular force for good throughout her 35 years in the House of Representatives”.