They’re Finally Fact-Checking Hillary Clinton

( Hillary Clinton has finally been fact-checked for reporting erroneous claims that David DePape, who allegedly attacked Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was a QAnon conspiracy theorist, according to Summit News.

The former secretary of state tweeted that Republicans are spreading “hate and deranged conspiracy theories” related to Pelosi’s attack. She was subsequently fact-checked by numerous journalists and continues to be as new information is revealed.

Glenn Greenwald, a journalist, and founder of The Intercept, retweeted questions that journalists should be asking, but who would also be considered “conspiracy theorists” if they did.

“Why wasn’t there signs of forced entry at Pelosi home? Who was 3rd person who opened door for the police? Why was Pelosi holding hammer, and attack only happened after police arrived? Where is bodycam / security footage? Why isn’t the press asking these questions?” [sic].

As it turns out, reporting from one of the leading writers on crime and drug policy, homelessness, climate change, and more, shows that DePape was not a QAnon supporter according to testimony from his neighbors. DePape was a homeless drug addict with left-wing politics, according to Michael Schellenberger.

His neighbors claim that DePape and his family were “radical activists.”

“They seem very left. They are all about the Black Lives Matter movement. Gay pride. But they’re very detached from reality,” said Trish, one of his neighbors. “They have called the cops on several of the neighbors, including us, claiming that we are plotting against them. It’s really weird to see that they are willing to be so aggressive toward somebody else who is also a lefty.”

Speculation and rumors circulating Twitter suggest that DePape actually knew Paul Pelosi and that both men were in their underwear when police officers arrived. This has since been retracted by outlets who now claim that only DePape was in his underwear at the time of the incident and that Paul Pelosi excused himself to the bathroom, where he had a phone charging, after DePape had broken in.

Allegedly fearful that DePape could hear him, Pelosi called the police and said that DePape was a “friend.” The dispatcher reportedly said that she had to interpret the call between the lines and labeled it “high-priority,” resulting in police officers arriving in just two minutes.

But other reports say that camera footage shows that police officers were outside of the home before an attack.