These Joe Biden PHOTOS Are Popping Up Everywhere…

( Last week, an unknown street artist began plastering Washington DC with Soviet-style agitprop posters targeting both President Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci over their draconian COVID response.

Like Soviet propaganda, these posters are predominantly black and red ink with bold captions printed in Russian-style lettering.

One of the posters shows Biden surrounded by a halo of syringes. In the foreground below Biden is a group of children obediently wearing red masks and pro-vaccination buttons and gazing up into the heavens. The lettering reads “GOOD KIDS ARE COMPLIANT KIDS.”

Another poster depicts a shouting Biden holding a hammer with “OSHA” printed on it set in a square frame of the words “COMPLY, COMPLY, COMPLY, COMPLY.” Within each “COMPLY” are images of syringes.

In a third poster, Biden is seated in a throne-like chair holding a single COVID virus with masked people in the background standing between a torn copy of the Constitution and lots of syringes. The lettering reads “MANDATE! SEGREGATE! SUBJUGATE!”

The final poster is of a towering Anthony Fauci dressed as a priest and holding an oversized syringe. Dollar bills and masks float around him and below him are a flock of his congregants. The lettering reads “TRUST THE SCIENTISM.”

Such guerilla street agitprop is not uncommon. Noted street artist SABO has been doing it for years in LA.

But to go into the belly of the beast and slap these posters up in Washington DC is brazen. This is the city that voted 95 percent for Joe Biden in 2020, which is probably why some people weren’t happy about it.

On Saturday, former GOP staffer Leigh Wolf posted a video on Twitter of an angry DC resident ripping the agitprop posters off a brick wall. The woman can be heard on the video calling the posters “alarmism” and “dangerous propaganda.”

While the use of Soviet-style agitprop imagery is a common theme for artists from the People’s Cube, the artist of these DC images is unknown. The People’s Cube, while admiring the work, confirmed that the art was not theirs.