“The View” Host Targets Democrat Senator’s “Suicide Mission”

(PatrioticPost.com)- “The View” panel ripped Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin and GOP legislators over climate change on Tuesday.

Co-hosts referenced Manchin’s voting record and “dirty money” from coal and energy firms. Sara Haines said officials, including Manchin, should act on climate change rather than collect money.

Joy Behar said that “we’re in jeopardy” because of Manchin and the GOP. She said Manchin cites inflation as the reason he doesn’t want additional taxes and climate change money. In the last decade, he voted for every military budget. He supported $9 trillion. Manchin and the GOP ignore inflation for the military budget.

Behar claimed that China is the top greenhouse gas generator, and Putin is a climate denier. She said the globe is on a “suicide mission” due to climate change and weaponry.

Haines jumped in and said, “Money!”

She said it’s the money and that people finance these politicians.

Lindsey Granger, a conservative guest co-host, joined the climate change discussion, saying that the Republican Party used to deny the issue, but now they’re looking for answers. She said Manchin is concerned about fossil fuel workers and promoting a green energy strategy.

She said we should go back to the table and discuss accomplishing this over 20 years. Granger noted that Republicans suggested ideas a month ago, even though it’s not the same method to get to the goal of energy efficiency.

Behar said that the Republicans keep voting down green energy.

Granger said Democrats reject House Republicans’ climate change agenda.
Sunny Hostin said clean energy wasn’t in the bill because 80% of oil and gas donations went to Republicans in the previous 30 years. The measure aimed to boost hydropower, a sustainable energy source, and fossil fuel production to reduce gas costs.

Hostin said that the GOP couldn’t trumpet its green energy plan because it doesn’t have one. She said Joe Manchin is in the coal industry’s coffers. Therefore there’s no green energy plan.

Hostin claimed Manchin is in the top 20 wealthiest senators thanks to oil company funding.

Haines said congressmen had a “conflict of interest” because they supported moneyed agendas.

Whoopi Goldberg said that we’re constantly screwed. Everyone gets screwed. You’re hurting the folks you’re trying to help. What gives? What’s happening?

Behar answered, “They’re waiting for the Eiffel Tower to melt.”