The Tragic Failures Of Dr. Fauci Are Too Hard To Ignore

( In a scathing column responding to the news that Dr. Anthony Fauci would be retiring in December, “The American Conservative” columnist Micah Meadowcroft bid good riddance to a man so filled with hubris that he once claimed to represent Science itself.

Describing him as a man “who would deny the American people their self-government,” Meadowcroft notes that Fauci’s arrogant declaration may not be as inaccurate as we might think because, in the kind of institutionalized science found at the NIH or the NIAID, Science is no longer about improving lives. Instead, Science is about the “self-perpetuation of those people and organizations who can lay claim to its authority.”

Meadowcroft describes the gain-of-function research conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology as “the irresponsible self-dealing of institutionalized science at its worst.”

Fauci represents the “cult of Scientism,” Meadowcroft argues. And in the COVID pandemic, Americans saw starkly the consequences of Scientism.

Despite the NIH ending federal funding for gain-of-function research during the Obama administration, Fauci and his like-minded cultists worked to reverse that moratorium in 2017.

And after the pandemic struck, the cultists of institutionalized science were permitted to play a governing role in the country. And the cost of their governing role wasn’t just to the US economy, Meadowcroft writes. It also caused “incalculable” harm to “human development and flourishing,” especially among children.

Meadowcroft is spot on. It was a mistake to permit government institutions like the CDC and Fauci’s NIAID to have a role in public policy to such a broad extent, especially in a nation founded on the principle of self-government.

Americans were removed from the equation and replaced by unelected, unaccountable “experts” who believe, like Fauci, that they are above criticism because they represent The Science.

Read Meadowcroft’s column HERE.