The DOJ Just Weaponized Itself, Showing A Clear Double Standard

( Writing for Fox News, Jason Chaffetz noted recently that the Department of Justice has a major problem with double standards – applying one set of rules for the Democrats and another set for Republicans, depending on who is in power at the time.

Chaffetz noted that ever since Hillary Clinton’s State Department IT aide Bryan Pagliano defied two congressional subpoenas to testify before the House Oversight Committee – which Chaffetz chaired at the time – he still hasn’t been prosecuted.

Isn’t that interesting? The Democrats jump on the opportunity to prosecute former Trump advisor Steve Bannon for defying a subpoena based on the executive privilege of the former president, but the Department of Justice didn’t even come close to prosecuting Clinton aides for brazenly defying subpoenas for no good reason.

“It turns out, congressional subpoenas can be enforced, but only if you play for the right team,” Chaffetz wrote.

He said that the “hasty indictment” of Bannon last week marks a “dramatic shift” in the enforcement of subpoenas from the Justice Department. He said that the Obama-Biden administration “run roughshod” over the authority of congressional subpoenas for years, but everything has changed now that Trump administration officials are in the crosshairs of the establishment.

He insisted that he does not believe that subpoenas should be optional but said that the Department Of Justice had clear double standards in this case.

“In the Fast and Furious case, former Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress. DOJ did nothing. With the former State Department IT specialist, the DOJ refused to enforce our congressional referral for prosecution,” he said.

It’s easy for people to forget this stuff, right?

He even reminded readers how he issued a subpoena for Pagliano’s testimony in 2016, and not only did he simply not show up at the hearing, he refused to turn up when he was ssubpoenaedfor a second time and the U.S. Marshals served him to ensure he knew what he was doing.

He just didn’t turn up.

Remember this next time a Democrat tries to claim that Bannon’s indictment proves he is a “criminal.”

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