The Daily Show Deletes Tweet Criticizing Joe Biden

( President Joe Biden’s performance at his first State of the Union address was so bad that even the left-wing pundits noticed… In fact, even The Daily Show picked up on it!

As Biden was giving his speech, the official Daily Show Twitter account tweeted an image of the Apple iOS graphics that appear on iPhone and iPads when the device needs to be charged. The picture was accompanied by the comment “Biden rn”- which means “Biden right now.”

The tweet, however, immediately caused controversy among far-left extremists who watch The Daily Show, prompting the account administrators to just…delete it.

But this is the internet, and so there are still screenshots of the tweet doing the rounds. Siraj Hashmi joked that the tweet, while deleted, was “based.”

Take a look:

Left-wing radicals on Twitter accused the tweet of being “ageist,” despite the fact that the criticism was about Biden’s apparent inability to speak at a normal pace and string sentences together. That’s worthy of criticism regardless of age…

Other left-wing pundits, however, backed Biden and his speech. Far-left CNN anchor Jake Tapper claimed that Biden gave a “fairly solid” performance.

If that’s solid, we wouldn’t like to see what a bad job is…