Texas Bank Robbery Suspect Risks Child’s Life During Attack

A heartless thief put a little girl’s life in jeopardy by taking her along on a robbery at a First Convenience bank in Texas.

The Fort Worth Walmart branch employees were taken aback when a middle-aged man casually pushed a shopping cart containing a young child into the area, only to find out he was there to rob them.

The man handed the teller a note demanding cash. After he received it, he picked up the child and dashed out the door with the money.

The FBI has released disturbing surveillance footage showing the guy leaving the scene with the youngster in his arms.

A commenter named Lee Ann Rose called the thief an “SOB” on the Facebook page of the Fort Worth Police Department. 

The unidentified thief attacked at the location on Anderson Boulevard shortly after 2 pm on June 6. His unassuming attire—a fishing shirt, khaki cargo shorts, a baseball cap, and sunglasses—gave little reason for suspicion.

The FBI described him as being between 35 and 45 years old and 5 feet 7 inches and 9 inches tall.

Commenters speculated that the man in question may be a grandchild and that he looked to be around 50 years old.

There are no recordings of them leaving the premises, entering, or leaving the property in a vehicle. 

A lady claiming to be an employee reported that the suspicious-looking thief managed to trick her. Titi Marie expressed her immense shame in a Facebook post.

She said she was the security guard who worked there, but she failed to see that he was the bank robber walking straight by him. Her wish is that he will be caught soon.

According to Ty Clinton, he was unassuming and took the child with him so no guards or police would draw a weapon on him.

When word got out about the bank heist, several people in Fort Worth were shocked. A customer from the same Walmart in Fort Worth, Flora Chavez, said there’s no reason to include a child in a crime.

Apparently, there was.