Ted Cruz Says Biden’s Racial Requirements For Supreme Court Nominee Is Racist

(PatrioticPost.com)- Over the weekend, Texas Senator Ted Cruz blasted President Joe Biden for his determination to only consider a black woman as his nominee to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer, arguing that it proves the Democrats Party is for racial discrimination.

During an interview with Bill Hemmer on “Fox News Sunday,” Senator Cruz said limiting the nomination to only black women shows that Democrats “believe in racial discrimination” and have committed to it “as a political proposition.”

Cruz argued that Biden saying only a black woman is eligible for consideration means “94 percent of Americans are ineligible.”

Cruz said it was time for the country to get past discriminating against people based on race.

As a hypothetical, Cruz told Hemmer if “Fox News Sunday” posted a job opening that said Fox would only hire a black woman or a Hispanic man or a Native American, “that would be illegal.” Nobody else can do what Biden is doing, Cruz said, because “racial discrimination is wrong.”

During his interview, Cruz also discussed the revelations from John Durham’s latest filing that alleged Clinton campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann paid an internet company to surveil servers at Trump Tower and the White House as part of the effort to link Donald Trump to Russia.

He told Bill Hemmer that if Durham’s allegations are true, this scandal is worse than Watergate and the people involved should go to jail.

Cruz also addressed the situation in Ukraine, saying Europe stands on the brink of war because of President Joe Biden’s weakness and fecklessness. He blasted the White House for blocking his legislation to sanction Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, adding that Joe Biden becoming President was the best thing that ever happened to Vladimir Putin.

Watch Senator Cruz’s full interview HERE.