Teachers Union Says News To Be Checked By Leftist Watchdog Before Publication

(PatrioticPost.com)- NewsGuard, the hack organization that uses journalists to determine whether or not news and information sites can be “trusted,” has reached an agreement with the second-largest teachers union in the country that will make its so-called “service” available to millions of public school students.

Randi Weingarten’s American Federation of Teachers is buying NewsGuard licenses for all of its 1.7 million teachers so they can share it with tens of millions of public school children nationwide. The goal is to help train students on how to spot “disinformation” so they can grow up to be dutiful sheep who accept the official government narrative.

NewsGuard, which has always been seen as a project of the political establishment, maintains a list of news outlets it deems “trustworthy” and “untrustworthy.” Naturally, the mainstream corporate news media is “trustworthy” in NewsGuard’s eyes while right-leaning or conservative outlets like Breitbart News or the Daily Caller are “untrustworthy.”

The data NewsGuard compiles is used in a browser extension that can be added to browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. When the extension is installed, it displays red warning labels next to links from websites NewsGuard deems “untrustworthy” and green labels next to those it considers “trustworthy.”

So you can see how this is going to work out.

Among the “trustworthy” outlets, NewsGuard displays a green label on is Rolling Stone, the outlet that published several high-profile hoax reports, including the University of Virginia “rape” story from 2014. It also recently ran a story claiming Oklahoma hospitals were so overflowing with Ivermectin poisoning cases that shooting victims couldn’t be treated. That story was a flat-out lie.

But Rolling Stone still gets a green label from NewsGuard.

So does BuzzFeed News, that publication that published the debunked “pee dossier” in 2017.

The AFT’s partnership with NewsGuard is just one more way public education is being used to indoctrinate children.

Between mandatory masking, transgender indoctrination, Critical Race Theory, and now this, is it any wonder parents are pulling their kids out of public schools?