Tapes Called The “Trump Tapes” Are Raising Eyebrows

(PatrioticPost.com)- Bob Woodward is well-known in Washington, and former President Trump is renowned worldwide. But in Woodward’s most recent audiobook, The Trump Tapes, we hear both in a new way.

Woodward conducted interviews with Trump in 2019 and 2020 and now have been made available in their raw form.

Trump is not happy with the release. He’s threatening to sue Woodward (dismissing him as “very slimy”), not because of what is on the tapes, but because he claims ownership of them and demands payment for their sale.

The interviews were planned to provide material for Woodward’s second book on the Trump administration, Rage, released right before Trump lost his reelection campaign. Fear, a highly critical book written by Woodward about Trump in 2018, had not received cooperation from the president.

The series, which was initially conducted in the Oval Office, lasted for months, and Trump frequently called Woodward on the spur of the moment from his home or while using his smartphone.

We can hear Trump trying to win Woodward’s favor in these hours of his voice recordings by referring to him as “a wonderful historian” and “the great Bob Woodward.” However, these conversations frequently turn into arguments and even debates.

The Covid virus, which came to dominate the election year, is one of the critical themes that Woodward explores. John Avlon says the tapes reveal Trump’s complaints about Democrats, the media, and the federal establishment. Trump also takes credit for the strong economy, avoiding a nuclear war with North Korea and his judicial nominations.

Woodward says that hearing Trump’s voice has a more powerful effect than reading about him.

The actual Trump is “beating in my ears in a way that the printed page does not capture,” Woodward writes.

In it, he tries to get the president-elect to consider his place in American political history. Woodward says Trump’s voice on the tape concerns himself, how he feels, and his conclusions.

According to Woodward, he “does not comprehend democracy” and “is not comfortable with democracy.”

He says Trump is nearly impossible to explain. What do you do, then, as a reporter?

“Put everything out there and let the public make the decision.”